Wednesday, August 28, 2013

and the big reveal!! duh!!!

Well, ... I noticed at the bottom of the posts is a very small line that says "posted by Dimaension X" at what ever date and time, so you may as well have figured out that, yeah, it's me, Dimaension X.

Big surprise.  Same thing I did with my other bands Burn Without Me and Moroghor.  I recorded under a different band name, and "disguised" myself as another band, with fictitious band members.  Here yah go, SUNset TZUnami is another fictional band with me at the helm.

And the vox are mine, too.  Pretty embarrassing actually, but I really want ed to give it a try.

So, ... there you go.  End of the big reveal.  Though it's probably not such a big surprise anyway.

Some of my music just doesn't quite fit under the "Dimaension X" genre, so I like to create it as if it were being created by a completely different band, and "create" a whole mood and atmosphere around the band while creating and recording the music.  I guess you say it's very similar to "method acting". Kinda the same thing.  I really let my imagination take over and pretend that I'm a completely different person, working with other people in the studio.  What would they say? What wold they do? How would they think?

Anything to keep the creative mind working.  Well, maybe not anything, but maybe anything within reason.

So, I guess to finish off the post, I thank all of you who've downloaded and listened to SUNset TZUnami, and I hope you appreciate my approach.

Dimaension X