Saturday, October 13, 2012

BIO / Band

SUNset TZUnami is:
Angelo Levi - guitars, vocals
Christopher Nix - bass, vocals
Deacon Morgan - synths, guitar, vocals
Jacqueline Blodgood - drums, percussion, synths

The origin of this band is simple, and probably much like many other bands. Four friends who are musicians are fans of similar genres of music, and want to create their own sound, based on those genres.

But these four really didn't make it easy on themselves. As fans of very extreme music in the metal realm, SUNset TZUnami chose to delve head first into the pit of despair known as drone-doom-metal, but did not want to limit their artistic goals. Instead, they chose to basically start at one end of the spectrum and add whatever-the-hell-they-felt-like-adding to the mix.

Sustained guitar and bass chords hover and loom as the drums plod and thunder their way, leading the charge for deep and resonant voices to enter the din and utter their lyrical protuberances amidst the drone of noise and wall of sound. Loud. Don't forget loud.

Really loud. SUNset TZUnami want you to swim in the miasma, and feel the deepening mush.

So dig in and dig deep.

Edit as of 08/28/2013 - so as you all now know - it's a "faux" biography for fictional members of the band.  It's really just me, Dimaension X.  As if you hadn't figured it out already anyway.

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