Saturday, October 13, 2012

Website/Blog up and running ...

Yeah ... looks like we've got the website/blog up and running now ...

Our debut album, "the blackest gift" is listed in our Discography (only one album so far, dude ...)

We have a BIO!

We will have a contact section fully established soon, with email, etc.

LINKS to our fellow bands and other friends will be added soon ...

Don't panic, ... we'll get there soon.

We really got together as a band very quickly, managed to write some music and record our debut album very quickly (with the help of a friend who at this time wishes to remain anonymous - we honestly don't know why the guy didn't want any credit - maybe he'll explain soon), so this is all a bit new to us.  We've been in other bands before, but decided to pursue SUNset TZUnami as our sole project, because we really believe in it.

We may not become "Metallica-famous", but hopefully some recognition in the Central Massachusetts area will come our way, along with some gigs so we can crank this stuff out live.

Hope to see you at a local venue soon.

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