Saturday, October 13, 2012

Debut Album - "the blackest gift" now available

We welcome you to the first (and very unstructured) post at the official website/blog of SUNset TZUnami.

We'd like to announce the availability of our debut album, "the blackest gift", ready for free download at:

We've tried to capture our influences (Sunn O))), Cathedral, Esoteric, Jesu, Khanate, etc.) and combine it all into our own cohesive dark and doomy sound.  We have chosen not to down-tune our guitars to R-Flat, instead sticking to more normal guitar ranges (Drop-D is as low as we'll go, for now...).

We tried to keep it pretty slow and doomy, with an actual groove and some metal riffing here and there.

We'll be adding more as we can to the blog, and make it a bit better looking.  Meanwhile, go download the album, get it burned to CDs or copied to your MP3 players and blast it!

Thanks - more coming soon.
Chris, Angelo, Deac, Jacq

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